TOMTOM Urban Rider   
TOMTOM Rider 2013  
WNRO Problem started April 6th 2019
Fixes for the two devices... look at your serial number... it starts with K...

K3.... The first fix only works for the old TOMTOM Urban Rider 4GC01 Serial Number start with K3... Broadcom GL2 Chipset
Press the power button to turn the Tomtom off and hold the powerbutton pressed until Tomtom boots into the info screen
if there is a line saying GPS Type: GL2 BCM4750 then this fix will work

Scroll further down for Tiljes Fix for the Tomtom Rider with Serial Number starting with K4...
A big thank you for this programming work that Tomtom was not able to provide so far !


Load the glgps File from my website

Unzip the file glgps     (A big "Merci" for the French person that created this)

this fix also cures a problem with the Tomtom Rider Louis Edition - problem recording tracks

Find the /bin Folder on your Tomtom  (see screenshot)

Copy the glgps file into the /bin folder

overwrite the old file  (before doing this, make a copy of the old file if you are a risk adverse person :-) )

Start the Urban Rider... and voila everything works perfect again...



Tomtom Rider 2013 Serial Number starting with K4...

Tiljes updated the fix...  new version...  v11 - fixes some small issues

here is the fix that Tiljes (Tomtom Forum User) gave me to upload on our page:

Load the zip File from my website

The description how to install this and some additional info is provided in the ZIP archive.


Just unpack the archive to the main (root) directory of the TomTom. The fix will then
start automatically with the restart of your Tomtom Rider.

Two new menu options will appear: "MiniLog Yes"
and "MiniLog No". If you are a user of Joghurt's tool "MiniLog" or "Height",
you should select "Yes", which will activate these new functions.

Otherwise select "No".
Your Tomtom Rider will then reboot and both menu icons are deleted automatically.

If the fix is not working for you, you can delete the ttn File.
Than the Tomtom Rider will start without the fix... of course with broken time.

this fix also works with some other Tomtom´s ONE 3rd, ONE XL, XL 2008  with GL1 chipset...

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